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We have a theme and for the search results we can see our header and footer as defined in the theme.

If we click Next Page or any of the numbers to jump to a different page of the results, the header and footer disappear.

They're missing from the search results until we execute another search. How do we get them to stick around?

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  1. You need to add some javascript that will alter all of the links and forms on the page so that they include the key=SPACEKEY parameter.

    Builder initially abuses the fact that the search is declared as an AbstractSpaceAction, by including the key= parameter - this lets confluence know which space should be used for the theming information (and in turn tells builder which layout to use)

    However the atlassian search results code does not include the key= parameter, so any time you click on an atlassian generated link the param gets dropped and you switch back to whichever theme/layout you have selected globally (sad)

    IIRC someone else posted the jQuery code to achieve this in another post in this forum