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Confluence 2.7.1, Theme Builder b.29.

Ready to push builder layouts globally on our instance of Confluence. After doing a "bulk update" all spaces were set to builder, layout simple... however on revisiting the page many of the themes say global theme (ok) or Top and Left Navigation (my old jar theme I was modifying).

hmm. the misbehaving space had the builder theme applied to it on most pages, but going into manage space took me back to the old theme - without of course the layout control options!

Manually selecting the adaptavist theme (changing from global) refreshed everything ok and I was able to switch to the builder layout.

Everything seems ok now - this may just be something crunky in my confluence install but I thought i'd just quickly document the situation here in case it comes up for someone else, and will post updates if things change.

fyi - sometimes the top save button here is non-responsive for me latest 2.x of Ffox.

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  1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

    Had to manually set spaces to use the builder theme as the "builder" theme would not stick just using global.

    Again no idea if this is on your side or ours, and it is working now (manually setting all themes to builder), just thought i'd share it.

    1. we have NEVER experienced this problem before.

      However setting the global theme will NEVER overwrite the individual space choices .. you should use the bulk update feature for this .. ensure that you use the select all after you have filtered.

      1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

        Yeah I used bulk update - it showed overwrites and then the spaces reverted (even ones set to "global theme" before).

        I had a feeling it was something odd in my confluence, guess I was right.

        1. You should ideally be setting all of your spaces to use the global theme, rather than each space also being set to use builder.