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We want to use Builder to force a single global layout/style for all blogs (personal blogs and public space blogs) without affecting our existing space themes. We use Default Theme and Documentation Theme. We have 190 spaces. The entire wiki is wrapped in the following html:

<style type="text/css">
    width: 1250px;margin:0px auto;-moz-box-sizing: border-box;height: auto;overflow-y: auto;-moz-border-radius:5px;border:3px solid #026697;padding:0px;-moz-box-shadow:2px 2px 8px #858385 } </style>

We use Firefox exclusively. Our goals for the blogs are as follows:

1. Paragraph width of 700px
2. Calendar to also appear in public space blogs (in Confluence 3.3x, the calender only appears in personal blogs)
3. Maybe some additional sidebar content via macro.

On the CONF-4174 page , Guy Fraser suggested we use the builder-show and builder-hide macros, but I'm not exactly clear on how that should be done. I'm not sure if Guy is suggesting we create 2 Builder theme's which mimic our existing theme structure for all spaces (ie we create Builder theme which replace the standard themes) but have a different layout for blogs via the builder-show and builder-hide macros, or whether he is saying I can use those macros somehow within the existing structure (ie without needing every space to use a Builder theme instead of the existing themes). We do have the latest Theme Builder installed but dont use it for themes. Obviously my preference would be to achieve my goal without changing our global/space themes - I'd prefer to find a way to add code which only affects blogs and leaves the remainder of each space unchanged.
Has anyone here done something like this with Builder?
Any hints, tips, pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. With the way that the standard themes work, getting them to display a totally different layout when viewing blog-posts is not generally possible, your most flexible approach will be to design a layout which replicates the look of the documentation theme (A builder implementation of the default theme can be found here)

    You can then use the layout-switching capabilities of builder to have your blogs displayed in the format you are looking for.

    That said, if you can explain what it is that you are after then it may be possible to alter the default & documentation themes to display content in the format you desire ... this is less ideal however since it requires more extensive work, which will generally need to be repeated each time you upgrade confluence (doing this in builder lessens this upgrade impact since the builder theme acts as a layer of abstraction between you and & confluence)

    1. Unknown User (diggo)

      Thanks Alain,
      I'm not seeking a totally different layout just for blogs. I'm only seeking the following:
      1. Text/content width of 650px or 700px
      2. Partial sidebar functionality for non-personal blogs

      The existing personal sidebar (which contains the bloglist calendar) is only included in personal blogs. The version of the bloglist calendar in 3.3x is really good. We want to use the sidebar bloglist calendar in ALL blogs, not just personal blogs. We do understand that the remaining standard sidebar components (user details, activity, network) are only useful for personal blogs. In a perfect world, we would replace those components with a sidebar list of blogposts (for non-personal blogs) which displays a list of the most recent posts within the blog. This can be done via:


      But I havent been able to figure out how to add the above macro to a sidebar on all non-personal blogs.

      In an ideal world, we'd also like a labels sidebar for ALL blogs which only shows labels used within blog posts to the blog being viewed. Not sure if any existing macros can do that, but maybe the Reporting plugin can do it.

      So hopefully that clarifies what I'm trying to achieve? In a nutshell, I'm wanting to globally add a sidebar to all non-personal blogs and I'm wanting to restrict the width of text/content within all blog posts.



      1. That should be do-able by editing the blogpost.vmd decorator in the two themes that you are using ... however it should be noted that this process will need to be repeated each time you upgrade confluence as the changes are likely to need debugging each time.