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I'm trying to design a layout for login and logout. No matter what changes I made in the login layout (even delete all the content of the header section), I can't get rid of the search box and view menu. I really want to just have the header without them. Does anyone have experience with this before

Thanks a lot.

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  1. {builder-show:action=login,logout,forgotpassword}{use-layout:loginlayout}{builder-show}

    builder-show macro
    use-layout macro

    1. Unknown User (andynguyen)

      Thanks Alian for your reply.

      Unfortunately, that doesn't work the way I want it to work.

      In the code you wrote above, there's "use-layout" macro. My problem is I want to design

      the layout named "loginlayout" such that when it's applied, the login page will have nothing except a

      picture in the header and two boxes of username and password. However, the search box and view

      menu button just keep showing up in the layout header although I intentionally didn't include them in

      the content of my header. I just want to get rid of them totally.

      I appreciate a lot of anyone can help me with this.

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        Have you applied Theme Builder as the global theme? If so, when the default layout renders, if you have Alain's code above in that theme (in header panel) then it will automatically switch to your other layout on the login/logout/etc. pages.

        If you're using the normal Confluence theme, however, then nothing will happen as your changes in Theme Builder layouts don't affect areas of the site that are not using Theme Builder.

        1. Unknown User (andynguyen)

          Thanks a lot for your help. I have figured the problem out.

    2. Unknown User (

      Hi Alain or Guy,
      Would very much appreciate both your assistance.
      I would not like to edit the login.vm file if I can help it.

      I used the {builder-show] macro in the Header panel of one of my Layout. I am using Adaptavist Theme Builder 3.6
      Basically I had 3 layouts - the main one (Layout1) being the main one that has the menu bar and left sidebar. Then I duplicated another layout from Layout1. The only difference is the fact that Layout2 has no Left Sidebar. Please note that Layout2 sits as a child to Layout1.

      Then I cloned Layout3 from Layout2. Layout3 sits under Layout2. The only difference is that Layout3 has the

      Unknown macro: {builder-show}
      Unknown macro: {builder-logo}

      macro in the Header Panel. There is no Left Sidebar or Menu panel or Footnotes etc. Basically I want to get rid of the View Menu and Search box etc from the Login, Loggoff, ForgotPassword screen/action. All we want to see is the Login Page with our company logo (which I have uploaded as Global Logo. But somehow, it is not "behaving to the way I wanted it to behave".

      The logo is appearing as if it was not there. It is being displayed as a "X" in Internet Explorer. Secondly, when I logoff, logon or clicking the Forgot Password within Confluence Login Page, I get the View Menu and Search box etc.

      Please help. I have set all the spaces Theme to default to "Adaptavist Theme Builder".

      Your assistance is very much appreciated.