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We've installed 3.3.3 conf210 version of Theme Builder however the new Free license does not seem to be working. We still see "Invalid License" when using a builder theme.

Is there any way to activate the free license?


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  1. Install 3.3.4 since it is the ONLY currently available version that allows builder to run for free (wink)

    1. Unknown User (tewolff)


      I don't see v 3.3.4 in the Atlassian Plugin Repository. Have you added it there?

      Should I be upgrading from 3.3.3 to 3.3.4 if I have a paid-for licence?


    2. Unknown User (ryandussiaume)

      Unfortunately 3.3.4 still has an issue with pushing the content section to the right in both IE7 and IE8 compatibility mode.

      Also, it changes some text sizes and colors as well. Check the adaptavist site in IE7. The content section is cut off on the right and also separators in the breakcrumbs are gray. Not a big deal about the breadcrumbs, but this also happens with some of my titles, they are different sizes and colors now.

      I would like to work around these issues and upgrade to 3.3.4 but in the short term, need to roll out the site using 3.3.3. Is there no way now to get a license for this version?


  2. Unknown User (

    I have installed Theme Builder version 3.3.4 and all of the menus are greyed out. License details says There is currently no license installed.

    Thank you in advance.


    1. That is correct, you do not need to install a license for builder 3.3.4 to run, all you need do is accept the EULA ... where it says 'there is no license installed' the background should be green (indicating you are good to go)

  3. Unknown User (

    The background is pink where it says "There is no license installed." Ack!

    Thank you for your quick response and all of your help.


  4. Unknown User (

    I am having a similar problem to Kay, I get the red background.

    "There is currently no license installed.

    Status: Invalid or expired license"

    1. I just tested this on a commercial server, you are correct in that the licensing screen is showing that you are not licensed, however when you view the theme everything works ... its down to the way I altered the licensing action (or rather didnt) ... builder will still run for free in this state (I have tested this)

      1. Unknown User (

        So I have never used theme builder before, and it may be working, but I suspect I foobar'd something, as all of the administration screens show empty.

        FOr instance if I go to manage layouts, I see the title, but no contents.
        I guess that kind of feels like the license is not really working. But it could be that I failed to install support images or some such?

        1. That sounds like you have installed the wrong version of builder for your version of confluence.

          In confluence 2.10 atlassian started packaging the DWR2 classes that we have been using since conf 2.3 ... as a result 2.10 broke builder quite badly, and we had to resort to creating two builds, one with DWR2 included inside the plugin jar, the other without ... you have the wrong one installed, hence DWR fails, and hence the tabs dont appear (they are loaded on demand through DWR as you click on them)

          1. Unknown User (

            That is quite possible. I have 3.0 installed on my test instance, and I installed from this URL:

            so I need to test on a 2.10 instance?

            1. confluence 3.0 also includes DWR2, so you need to use the 2.10 build (wink)

              It mostly works, but there is another thread on here where one of our most respected users has found problems with changes that have been made to the wiki-markup parser, you should be able to work around the changes by problematic replacing spaces ' ' with ' ' and paying careful attention to your use of whitespace, also avoiding the / / linefeed construct appears to have changed in 3.0.

              I'll hopefully be looking at these this weekend if I can get time, however my Morris Minor is hours away from being back on the road after a bare-shell rebuild (three years of hard graft), so I may well get stuck into that instead (wink)

              I have updated the download page to make it clearer which version you should be using for 3.0 ... ty for the heads-up (wink)

  5. Unknown User (

    All of the buttons and checkboxes are greyed out. The Layout Editor says read only. I am unable to perform any functions.

    Thank you,


    1. Aaaah ... you are trying to edit the read-only DEFAULT layout that provides a common base for your custom layouts to be based on ... the DEFAULT layout allows us to add features to builder and provide useful default values.

      I strongly reccomend you read this: Layout Hierarchy

      Your next question is likely to be related to this: Default layouts tab

  6. Unknown User (

    I also have Confluence 2.10. I will look for the correct version.

    Thank you,


    1. I only wish that atlassian hadn't decided to spring both confluence 3.0, a new license pricing structure & changes to their hosting on top of them switching to a new way of defining plugin repository metdadata at the same time as we are releasing a new version of builder including our FREE announcement ... sigh, it never rains but it pours!

      Elsewise I would have had chance to edit the repository metadata (sigh, XML was a much better solution for developers than a web ui), and you would have been able to install 3.3.4 through the plugin repository ... hey ho, it will all come right in the end (wink)

      1. Unknown User (

        The upside of all this change is that it keeps the product line exciting.
        Thanks much for your prompt attention to a product that is now free.


  7. Unknown User (

    Everything is working now. Thank you so much.


  8. Unknown User (

    So I now show: Adaptavist Theme Builder (3.3.4-conf210) Powered by Atlassian Confluence 3.0.0_01, the Enterprise Wiki.
    at the bottom of my page, but the manage layouts screen is still quite empty.

  9. Unknown User (

    Go to Space Administration and choose Theme Builder as the theme.
    Go to the space with the Theme Builder theme.
    Go to the Space Administration for that space.
    Choose Themes.
    Click Configure Theme below the Theme Builder theme.
    Click the Layout Manager link at the top of the page.

    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks for the suggestion, but I have done that set of steps (and a dozen analogues). The center of that page remains completely empty.

      I am assuming I have some plugin incompatibility that is not obvious from here.

      Most likely I will have to try to reduce to a minimum install and see if I can get it to work there.

      1. Unknown User (jenniferd)

        I am having the same problem. Were you able to get it to work?

        1. If you are seeing an empty layout manager, or just the tabs across the top of builder admin then you have the wrong variant of builder installed for your version of confluence.

          Confluence Version

          Builder Version


          Free version not available, upgrade confluence


          Free version not available, upgrade confluence


          Free version not available, upgrade confluence


          Install Builder 3.3.4


          Install Builder 3.3.4


          Install Builder 3.3.4

          2.9.x with the CSRF/DWR patch

          Install Builder 3.3.4-conf210


          Install Builder 3.3.4-conf210


          Install Builder 3.3.5-M3-conf210

          1. Unknown User (dereks)

            We had this issue, and just updated to 3.3.5-M3-conf210, and still the Layout Manager is blank... (sad)

            update: it works now, not sure why it wasn't before, but that's ok...

  10. Unknown User (ryandussiaume)

    Alain, are there plans to release a free 3.3.3? I'm really facing a lot of upgrade issues here with 3.3.4 in IE7 and 8.

    Thanks for any help.

    1. You can pay us to do that for you if you wish ... not sure why you should want to though since 3.3.4 fixes a number of issues that 3.3.3 contains (wink)

      I cant see why you would be facing any issues with upgrading in IE ... despite the fact that it is the most pants web-preview tool known to man/beast ... there should be nothing in 3.3.4 that would affect MS's abomination.