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I'm working on a redesign of our staff intranet using themebuilder and currently it works fine with fixed width settings. However, after doing some testing with other browsers and monitors, it's clear I need to switch to a dynamically sized layout to account for a lot of laptop use.

The problem is that when I switch my page setting from a fixed pixel width to something like 90%, switch the title to 60%, and the nav bars to 20% each, the page does not display correctly. Additionally, the layout is no longer centered.

I've tried many permutations of width settings among all the panels, but I can't seem to get the layout to render at 90% total width and centered.

Has anyone done this and have a good system for setting all the parameters? I'm currently using all themebuilder elements.

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  1. Unknown User (tsmori)

    I think I have it working now. I tried to make a copy of my fixed-width layout and edit that, but for whatever reason it wasn't working so I just started over from scratch.

    In case it makes a difference to anyone, what I did after moving all my content and css, I made changes in the following order:

    1. In options set default page position to center

    2. In the (page) panel, set width to 90% (or whatever percentage you want)

    3. In title, set width to 100%, set horizontal position to center

    4. In LSB, set width to 20%

    5. In RSB, set width to 20%

    This worked for me. I'm not sure what I had set that was messing things up.