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I am experimenting with Ext-GWT. When I load these macros into a page that uses a ThemeBuilder layout the layout breaks. It looks like something funky with layout-resources.action is going on.

Poking around a bit it looks like TB is using Ext-JS and I guess there is some conflict in the style sheets.

Any ideas as to how these two can co-exist?


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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    We've been systematically removing all trace of ExtJS from Builer for this very reason. ExtJS likes to take over the entire page and forces you to code the ExtJS way. It makes 90% of tasks trivial, but the last 10% utterly nightmarish.

    As for GWT, we wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. :s

    Have you tried using jQuery instead?

  2. Ext looks set to be removed from the builder admin and choose-layout screens in a near-future release. The css & js from ext should only be included on those pages that are using it: builder-admin, choose-layout & manage-layouts

    layout-resources generates a single file that concatenates both the layout JS, and some builder base libraries (visibility, events) and optionally jQuery (if you select it in the layout)