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I'm running Confluence 3.1 and Theme Builder 4.0.2. I'm getting this error in every space that has a parent space defined. I am unable to get to the "set a parent space" screen, the page just says "loading" until I get fed up and close it.

I also tried disabling the "parent-space" Metadata macro figuring that someone had accidentally made a forever loop, but that did not do anything.

Is there any way to see parent space information from the database back end? I'd like to just reset it from there if possible.

Any ideas?


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  1. The parent space data is stored in bandana under the key 'metadata.Parent'.

    The builder action attempts to prevent you from creating infinite loops, however the metadata macro has no such checking so it is entirely possible that your assumption about the ever present 'somebody' is quite true.

    1. Unknown User (

      Hi Alain,

      I'm not seeing anything called "metadata.Parent" in our bandana table. could this be stored elsewhere?

      1. Unknown User (

        Is there another breadcrumbs macro that we can use to display just the Dashboard without the parent space? Users don't like to see errors on screen :/

        1. My mistake, the data is stored as a content property - unfortunatley there is no alternative breadcrumbs macro, you could try using the {list-spaces:display=tree|depth=2} macro to help you locate the source of the recursion (the depth parameter will stop it looping forever)

          1. Unknown User (

            Thanks for that tip. That narrowed down the space but when I searched for "parent" in that space I came up with this:

            I can't find the "parent-space" macro on any pages within the space. How do I change that metadata value?

            1. You can try going to space-admin and setting it through the builder action (so long as builder is applied to the space)