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I am on confluence 2.10.2 with theme builder 3.3.3-conf210 on WAS 6.1.
I am getting the following error when using list-pages with label filter:

Error formatting macro: list-pages: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String incompatible with com.atlassian.confluence.labels.Label

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  1. Yes, that issue was resolved with 3.3.4-M1 which you can download from here .. I'd strongly suggest using M5 though since it resolves a range of other issues as well.

    We expect to release an M6 next week, and then hopefully go to Generally Available the week after. You should be OK with running M5 on a production system since we have been running it on for a while now with no major issues, if however you do find anything wrong in 3.3.4 please report it to and we will look at it immediately.