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Hi all,

I saw this draft watermark style yesterday and rather liked it. It's working fine on a page which isn't using ATB.
With AT, I cannot make it shown. Must be something with css - I miss some basic knowledge in that area.
Anyone out there with a clue?

Thanks in advance, regards,


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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    We added the following markup to our Footer panel:

        .atb-title, .atb-content {
          background: #fff url(/download/attachments/918/draft.gif) repeat-y fixed top center;

    Then just add the label "draft" to your page to get the watermark. If you want the watermark to extend to the whole page, apply the style to ".atb-page". We only wantded the watermark in the title and content areas to avoid making page comments look like draft status.