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This area allows you to change the content and appearance of your dashboard by removing or adding wiki mark-up and macros. For help with macros, please see the macros documentation.

You can hit the reset button to return to the original dashboard settings and content.

NOTE: In Theme Builder 4 the dashboard markup has been moved out of the administration page and added as a layout resource. Take a look in the Manage Layouts > Resources tab, and you'll find a resource called

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  1. Unknown User (

    We are stuck with a treeview of the spaces at the bottom of the dashboard page, regardless of if the spaces macro is included in the dashboard tab's content. Reverting to the default confluence theme got rid of the treeview (themebuilder 3.3.5-conf210, Confluence 2.10).

    How can we supress the treeview?

    EDIT: removed curly braces from spaces, as the macro fired within the comment!

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      It depends where it's coming from - check the Dashboard config (see top of this page) to make sure there isn't a pagetree macro in it. Also, check whether the theme layout you've applied at global level has a pagetree in it - if you you can use the builder-hide macro to hide it when action=dashboard IIRC.

      1. Unknown User (

        Thanks Guy! Problem fixed.

        As you correctly guessed, there was a pagetree2 in the footer at the global level - builder-hide:action=dashboard did the trick.

  2. Unknown User (tsmori)

    I'm confused between this feature and the default global template that confluence uses. I can remove parts of the themebuilder dashboard, e.g. remove the "welcome" or remove the Feedbuilder link and it doesn't seem to affect the actual dashboard, both of those are still in place.

    What am I missing?

    1. For builder to affect the dashboard it must be selected as the global theme.

  3. Unknown User (yuriyv)

    How to get to the screen with tab selection shown on the top of this thread?

    1. This kind of question belongs in the Forum