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We are looking to purchase confluence and theme builder for our corporate intranet/portal.  We want to match the look and feel of the existing portal.

Every portal page contains a set of tabs that act as menus and a search box that includes a lot of logic and javascript.  The tabs that you can see, and the menu items available in each tab, are dynamic based on who the user is.  We want to simply recreate all of those tabs and the search box with confluence.  How can we do this?  As mentioned, the header is a mix of custom html and javascript.

There is also a custom footer, but that is static html.

Would we do this with ThemeBuilder, or with a feature built into Confluence?  How would we do this.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    It depends on what changes based on the user - eg. if the nav is updated to only show what the user has access to then there are a plethora of ways to do this with Theme Builder using macros that come with the plugin and also existing Confluence macros which can also be used. Without knowing the specifics of how your navigation updates itself, however, it's difficult to say how it could be implemented.

    1. Unknown User (msalamon)

      Can you point me to the macros? One thing we don't want to do is reinvent the wheel/programming that we currently use for the tabs/navigation, but just reuse what we have. Perhaps putting that information in its own iframe, or putting confluence in an iframe on the page, would be the best solution?

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        EDIT: oops, clicked save by accident

        Theme Builder ones are here: Macros

        All our open source plugins are here: Confluence Plugins

        Loads of Confluence ones are also documented here: Macros

        Yet more are documented here: Plugin Index