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I'm just started work on trying to use Theme Builder to change the Dashboard but fell at the first hurdle.

In "Manage Layouts" I created a new layout from the default one called TGBP. I then selected the new layout and in the Resources tab I selected and edited it; I simply added some text and saved it. Then I selected Builder Administration and selected the "Manage Spaces" tab and set the layout for all spaces (including the of type dashboard space to the one I created ie, TGBP.

However when I select the dashboard the text I added to the layout is not displayed, so it doesn't look like the that I edited is being displayed. What have I missed or got wrong?


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  1. Unknown User (taffydownunder)

    opps that should have been @GLOBAL@

    Confluence version 3.1.2
    Theme Builder version 4.0.2

  2. Unknown User (taffydownunder)

    My bad.
    I hadn't realised that I had to set the theme to "Adatavist Theme Builder" as well as setting the layout ...