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Hello there, I am EXTREMELY new to Confluence and Wiki Markup. I do alright with HTML and CSS though. That being said, I was wondering how I can go about creating more menus than just the "Edit" and "View" menus that default with the Theme Builder? I've been looking for a built-in way, but I don't see one, and so far haven't found any information relating to doing this. (I've seen several of the Macro guides for menus, but I'm not sure where exactly I'm suppose to input that code!)

Thanks in advance for the help, and sorry if this is a dumb question! I'm still learning my way around things. The Theme Builder has been extremely user friendly powerful so far! (smile)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I'm designing a space for an internal wiki at my job, and I don't have full admin access. Is this a problem?


  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    You'll need access to the Layout Manager - use the Layout Tab to edit the content of the panel menu where you can see the wiki notation for other items on the menu.

    Some examples of menus can be found in our Tutorials section.

  2. Unknown User (mrsmiley)

    Ah I totally understand now. I was thinking that because 'View' and 'Edit' had their own tabs in the Menu content section, that I had to find a way to add more tabs in order to make more menus. Turns out I just had to add the right menu code to the menu layout content section as you said. Thanks a ton!

    Hmm... it's too bad the %user& field only works with a profile or space menuitem. Oh well, I'll make do. (wink)