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It looks like the new drag and drop feature in confluence 3.1 is not functional with Builder 4.0 RC2. It fails with the error, "Expecting to find draft for the new piece of content being created but none found." Is this a known problem? If so, is it scheduled to be fixed as part of the 4.0 release?


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  1. Unknown User (

    We are also having the same problem with the drag and drop feature in Confluence 3.1 and with builder 4.0.1. We receive different errors. In IE we get " Unable to interpret error from server. Please enable debug logging and check logs for error." In firefox we get "Expecting to find draft for the new piece of content being created but none found."

    Is there a way to get this to work in theme builder? I know confluence states that the drag and drop does not work with their other 2 themes (Left Navigation theme or the Clickr theme) that they created.


  2. Unknown User (ian)

    Does anyone have a fix for this yet. I get the same error.

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      The feature is buggy in native Confluence as well IMHO. Using a vanilla uncustomised install I get problems in various browsers. Same is also true of our developer JIRA Studio account that Atlassian host - uploading files by drag and drop crashes Google Chrome, the one browser I expected the feature to be most reliable in :s

      1. Unknown User (

        re: CONF-19039

        Apparently Atlassian aren't supporting Chrome (I'm having issues with drag and drop on a vanilla install in Chrome also), annoying, but there you go.

        With regards to Theme Builder and drag and drop, we were pretty excited to finally get a working version of Theme Builder for Confluence 3.1, and had assumed that one of the bigger pieces of functionality in 3.1 would be compatible with the latest version of Theme Builder - clearly not the case.

        Is there an ETA on getting a patch out for Theme Builder which supports this, or alternatively does anyone have any clues as to how we could go about patching this support in ourselves (i.e. is anyone able to pinpoint the reason this isn't working, and we can hack away at the source files (wink) )?

        Hoping we can get this working soon...

        Jamie Sawyer

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          It's weird that Google Gears doesn't work in Google Chrome - not sure why Atlassian have taken the stance they have considering the increasing market share Chrome is getting due to it's high performance.

          1. Unknown User (

            With regards to the rest of my post, given you're apparently quite active on here, has there been any progress in getting Theme Builder + Drag&Drop to play together happily, or are we going to have to sort something else out for the foreseeable future?

          2. Gears is on it's last legs. Google aren't spending any more effort on it and concentrating on adding HTML 5 features instead.

            As for the Drag'n'Drop issues, it's very difficult to track down the problem as the JS code in Confluence itself is minified making it virtually unreadable.

            Last time I tested, DnD onto a Theme Builder themed page worked fine (in FF 3.5 and IE 8), but not onto the attachments page - here I get the same errors as John stated above. But as I say, nailing the bug is incredibly difficult due to the minification.

            1. Unknown User (

              "Last time I tested, DnD onto a Theme Builder themed page worked fine"

              You are a beautiful man and I want to kiss your beardy face! Having been playing around with this initially, I tried drag and drop into a page in a vanilla install, didn't twig I'd done that with chrome and that it had that functionality (smile)

              We can just play around with access to the attachments page and we've got our DnD functionality with theme builder. Yes, I am an idiot at times (smile)


            2. Unknown User (

              Has anyone been able to use the drag and drop feature on the attachment pages yet? I know that both confluence and theme builder have new versions, and I was wondering if anyone has tried the D&D function in the new versions on the attachment page?


              1. Unknown User (ian)

                Still not working with Confluence 3.2 and Theme Builder 4.0.2:


                Expecting to find draft for the new piece of content being created but none found.

                1. Unknown User (mroytman)

                  Just add the following to your <CONFLUENCE_INSTALL_DIR>/pages/uploadattachments.vm velocity template:

                  <fieldset class="hidden parameters">
                  <input type="hidden" id="pageId" value="$page.Id">

                  This seems to be an Atlassian issue more than Adaptavist's.

                  1. Unknown User (scayla)

                    Thanks, this helped me with a 3.2.1_01 instance of Confluence.

                  2. Unknown User (samkenny)

                    This worked perfectly for the attachments page, thanks.

                    However, when in edit mode as soon as the mouse loses the focus on the Rich Text Editor (RTE), the RTE scrolls to the top. This makes it impossible to, say, drag and drop an image from my desktop to the bottom of the page I am editing in the RTE.

                    As anyone else seen this?  It does not happen if I use the RTE to post here.