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Just a quick question, we are looking at upgrading to Confluence 3.0.  We currently are running ThemeBuilder 3.3.3 on Confluence 2.10.  Is 3.3.3 compatible with Confluence 3.0?

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  1. 3.3.4-conf210 has been tested against 3.0, however the tests havent gone into much more detail than checking that everything 'seems' to work as expected.

  2. Unknown User (hboer1965)


    on my personal confluence wiki, I see redundant breaks and some '<p>' tags in the (application) header. See images below.

    Regards, Herman.

  3. It's likely to be a whitespace issue, what is your markup?

    1. Unknown User (hboer1965)


      • Application header is ATB default.
      • Top image:
        {builder-show:context=page,blogpost|mode=view}{builder-hide:title=Home}{div:class=line}{menuicon:document_info} {compound-menuitem:information|flat=true|caption=Info:} Added by {page-info:created-user} on {page-info:created-date}, last edited by {page-info:modified-user} on {page-info:modified-date} \\ {versioncomment} {page-info:diffs|count=1|showComments=false|showVersions=true|prefix=Show changes v} {builder-children}
        {builder-comments}{div}{builder-hide}{builder-show} \\
      • Image in the middle:
        {compound-menuitem:wikipage|icon=home|caption=Herman's Home|space=~admin|page=Boer, Herman de|flat=true|imginside=true} \\
        {compound-menuitem:wikipage|icon=calendar|caption=Agenda|space=~admin|page=Agenda|flat=true|imginside=true} \\
        {compound-menuitem:news|icon=news|space=~admin|caption=Herman's nieuws|imginside=true|flat=true|flat=true} \\
        {compound-menuitem:wikipage|icon=users2|caption=Personen|space=Personen|page=Home|flat=true|imginside=true} \\
        {compound-menuitem:mail|icon=mail_server|caption=mailarchief|space=Mailarchief|flat=true|imginside=true} \\

      Note that all these examples displayed 'normal' with Confluence 2.10.
      Regards, Herman.

      1. Application header? - do you mean the header panel, or the head section?

        What is the HTML that is being generated?

        1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

          Hi Alain,

          I mean the title of the (Firefox) application; the bottom image with '<p>' tags in the line.

          The html of the top and the middle picture:

          <!--END page.vmd-->
                                              <td rowspan="2" onclick="Visibility.toggleSidebar('rightSidebar');" title="Toggle Sidebar" alt="Toggle Sidebar" id="atb-rightSidebar-slider" class="layout atb-slider atb-rightslider noselect expanded-slider">
                                                  <img class="layout atb-slider-img atb-rightslider-img" border="0" title="Toggle Sidebar" alt="Toggle Sidebar" src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/hmenu/src/img/blank.gif"/>
                                              <td rowspan="2" id="atb-rightSidebar" class="layout atb-sidebar atb-rightSidebar expanded"><div  id="atb-rightSidebardiv" class="layout atb-sidebardiv atb-rightSidebardiv">
          <a href="/display/~admin/Boer%2C+Herman+de"  rel=""><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/home.png" style="width:16px;height:16px;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie" title="home" alt="home"/>Herman's Home</a>
          <p> <br class="atl-forced-newline" /></p>
          <a href="/display/~admin/Agenda"  rel=""><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/calendar.png" style="width:16px;height:16px;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie" title="calendar" alt="calendar"/>Agenda</a>
          <p> <br class="atl-forced-newline" /></p>
          <a href="/pages/viewrecentblogposts.action?key=~admin"  rel=""><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/news.png" style="width:16px;height:16px;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie" title="news" alt="news"/>Herman's nieuws</a>
          <p> <br class="atl-forced-newline" /></p>
          <a href="/display/personen/Home"  rel=""><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/users2.png" style="width:16px;height:16px;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie" title="users2" alt="users2"/>Personen</a>
          <p> <br class="atl-forced-newline" /></p>
          <a href="/display/ZANDBAK/Home"  rel=""><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/cube_yellow.png" style="width:16px;height:16px;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie" title="cube_yellow" alt="cube_yellow"/>Zandbak</a>
          <p> <br class="atl-forced-newline" /></p>
          <a href="/spaces/viewmailarchive.action?key=Mailarchief"  rel=""><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/mail_server.png" style="width:16px;height:16px;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie" title="mail_server" alt="mail_server"/>mailarchief</a> 
                                          <tr><td id="atb-footnote" class="layout atb-footnote"><div id="atb-footnotediv" class="layout atb-footnotediv"> <div class="line"><img src="/s/1627/32/1/_/download/resources/com.adaptavist.confluence.themes.sitebuilder:sitebuilder/icons/document_info.png" style="width:16;height:16;vertical-align:absmiddle;" class="nopie"  title="document_info" alt="document_info"/>
          <p> </p>
          <a href="/pages/viewinfo.action?pageId=13860881"  rel="nofollow">Info:</a>
          <p> Added by <span class="user-flat"><a href="/display/~admin" class="version-item">Herman de Boer</a>
          </span> on jun 03, 2009 15:01, last edited by <span class="user-flat"><a href="/display/~admin" class="version-item">Herman de Boer</a>
          </span> on jun 03, 2009 15:01 <br class="atl-forced-newline" />  <span class="diffs-flat"></span> </p>
          <div class="commentsBlock">
              Root decorator: this is a layer of abstraction that Confluence doesn't need. It will be removed eventually.
          1. By the looks of things the <p> <br class="atl-forced-newline" /></p> is coming from


            The other empty <p> tags are likely to be coming from the spaces in your markup ... remove them and things may sort themselves out.

            What code are you using for the page title?, what html is being injected into the head section?

            1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

              Hi Alain,

              there is no html injected in the head section, it has been switched off on the options screen.
              This is the code for the window-title bar, from the options screen.

              {builder-pagetitle} - {builder-spacetitle} {builder-spacetitle:sitetitle=true|global=false|prefix=-&nbsp;}

              The middle image - shown on the right panel: I did try some alternatives, but without a double backslash, the items will be concatenated (no matter how much returns are in between). With a double backslash, much empty lines inbetween.

              The footnotes section however is different: in the wiki markup, there is no return nor double backslash, yet some breaks are inserted.

              By the way, FF3.0.

              Regards, Herman.

              1. In the footnotes section I suspect the spaces ' ' are the source of your p tags, try:

                {builder-show:context=page,blogpost|mode=view}{builder-hide:title=Home}{div:class=line}{menuicon:document_info}{compound-menuitem:information|flat=true|caption=Info: }Added by {page-info:created-user} on {page-info:created-date}, last edited by {page-info:modified-user} on {page-info:modified-date}
                {versioncomment}{page-info:diffs|count=1|showComments=false|showVersions=true|prefix= Show changes v}

                For the middle image, why do you need these to be flat, you can add a class to a <ul> tag and use css to make the list appear as you wish, eg:

                  {compound-menuitem:wikipage|icon=home|caption=Herman's Home|space=~admin|page=Boer, Herman de|imginside=true}
                  {compound-menuitem:news|icon=news|space=~admin|caption=Herman's nieuws|imginside=true|flat=true|flat=true}
                ul.myspeciallist {
                 list-style-type: none;
                ul.myspeciallist li {
                 padding-left: 0px;

                The code in the head section is within the <title> tag (wink)

                1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

                  Hi Alain,

                  thanks for answering. Your suggestion for the footnotes leads to lines with:

                  1. the icon and 'info:'
                  2. Added by ...
                  3. Add comment

                  It would've been nice if the first two lines are concatenated.

                  The title tag:

                  <title>Confluence 3.0 issues
                  <p> - </p>
                  Herman de Boer
                  <p> </p>

                  Thanks for the alternative way to solve the display in the right panel. I learn every day (wink)

                  But, the reason I commented this one is that there are a few changes in behaviour between confluence 2.10.3 and 3.0.0, which might raise a need to be addressed.

                  Regards, Herman.

                2. Unknown User (cemerick)

                  I can confirm the <title> issue raised by Herman - the <title> setting in our theme is set to: {builder-pagetitle} - {builder-spacetitle} But we're getting the same <p> tag around the hyphen.


                  In addition, the threaded comments appear to be broken - clicking reply redirects to a URL like ?replyToComment=2752552&#comment-2752552 (as expected), but a reply comment form isn't shown.


                  Finally, comments aren't being rendered properly in Safari (which I'd attach a screenshot of, but image attachments don't seem to be working here).

                    1. Unknown User (cemerick)

                      Thanks Alain, I wasn't aware of the prerelease builds.

                      FYI, 3.3.5-M3 fixes the title and comment reply problems, but not the safari comment rendering issue (admittedly minor IMO, but I presume you'd disagree).

  4. Unknown User (iankent)

    We are currently using Builder Plugin 3.3.3-conf210 on Confluence 3.0.
    Many of our wiki users are complaining about <p> tags in page title.
    I know this is fixed in 3.3.5, but we do not want to deploy pre-GA plugin onto our production confluence server. Any idea when 3.3.5 or 3.4.0 releases will be GA quality?

    1. Put it this way, we have been running 3.3.5 on for a few weeks now (wink)

      The only reason it hasnt been put out as a final version yet is because I'm waiting on some css fixes for a couple of issues some of our users have been having with 3.3.4 and IE.

      Basically 3.3.5 is safe to use now ... 3.4.0 on the other hand is definitley not ready - hence the rather severe warning on its download page!