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We are upgrading from Confluence 2.5.5 to 2.10.2 and would like to know if the current release of the Theme Builder plugin is compatible with this version.

If not, could you please advise your projected time for releasing one that works with version 2.10.2?



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  1. Builder 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 are compatible with 2.10 ... 3.3.3 has already been released but contains a number of issues with 2.10 (most prominent are the issues with the search decorator, and the inclusion of atlassian css) 3.3.4 resolves these issues and will be released when it is ready, however a milestone release is available.

  2. Unknown User (dudester)

    Thanks Alain. I have downloaded "adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.4-M2-conf210.jar" and will test it out.

  3. Unknown User (dudester)

    Hello again Alain,

    After installing "adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.4-M2-conf210.jar", I get an "Invalid Message" headline on the space's page that uses it.

    I checked the Theme Builder License page, and found the attached status: "The plugin version installed was released outside of your maintenance period".

    Could you please help this out?


    1. That sounds like your maintenance contract has expired, please create an issue in the BSUP project on with a screenshot of your licensing screen, and ideally the issue number of your original purchase and we will either address the problem with your key or generate you a quote for the new license.

      1. Unknown User (dudester)

        Thanks for the prompt reply Alain/Guy - actually, what we have is a Test installation of Confluence 2.10.3 with data from our 2.5.5 (Production) Confluence, thereby having the original Theme Builder (3.0.2) we purchased on May 21 2008 carried into the Test Confluence.

        In the test instance, I upgraded the Theme Builder from 3.0.2 to 3.3.4-M2. This is when I get the "Invalid License" when I go to the home page of a space that uses the Theme Builder.

        What do you recommend I do to resolve this issue?


        1. It sounds like you have one of the duff keys - we had a problem with the license key generator around the time you bought your license where it was creating the licenses with the maintenance dates back to front.

          You should create an issue in the BSUP project with a link to the issue relating to your original purchase and Caz will be able to generate you a new license with the correct dates.

    2. Unknown User (gfraser)

      In the meantime, revert to earlier version of plugin that was released during your maintenance period.

      1. You may need to uninstall, then restart your server and reinstall to ensure that the license status cache is refreshed.