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I am trying to show the title of the previous and next news/blog item in a panel. I was hoping that


should do the trick (inspired by this page). Unfortunately, it doesn't work (well the link work, but its title is literally "%targetpagename%", whereas "caption=%ceotitle%" works (shows the title of the current news/blog).

Is there a different way of doing this?

Thanks in advance, regards, Herman.

P.S. ATB: 3.3.3 on Confluence 2.10

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  1. You need to be using 3.3.4 or 3.4.0 for %targetpagename% to work.

    1. Unknown User (hboer1965)

      Hi Alain,

      I am using it now in 3.3.4-M5-conf210, in the RBS, when viewing blogs. Unfortunately, is literally shows '%targetpagename%'.

      Is it supposed to work in the M5 version?

      Thanks and regards, Herman.