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Hello to all,

I hope this is the right place for my question.

In my confluence I have installed the Builder-Theme.
I want in my menu-panel a white text for the "drop-down-headers". Of course, I am able to set this with the Layout Manager (click on the menu-panel and set border > color ...)
But if I change the textcolor this way, i will not be able to read, what I have typed in my search-box.. because the bgcolor of the search-box is white.

I have tried very much constructions. But it wasn´t perfect.

For example:
I can use the menulink-macro and link the "drop-down-header" to any page (bsp: home) and use this with the color-macro.. for example:

{menu}{menulink:home|icon=gears}{color: #ffffff}Edit{color}{menulink} ... {menu}

This would work - but I don´t want that there is a link behind the word "Edit".. and without the menulink-macro is the text not white (sad)

I have searched for a css-code to change the textcolor in the menu-panel, but I haven´t found it.

Maybe someone can help me with my little problem =)


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  1. Unknown User (conflman)

    I have found the css-string