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Currently we are using Adaptavist Theme Builder. We have a Dashboard created by someone who has left the organisation. Recently someone wants to change the Dashboard, whereby when one clicks on the "Manage Layouts" link, the default Layout is displayed. Clicking the Layout tab and clicking the defaulted layout, the system displays the various panels eg Header, Menu, Navigation etc in the Panel Editor.

When I click on the Content Panel, the Panel Editor Content button in the bottom right is not active ie not available for clicking.

My question is as follows:
1. In the Content Panel, the display shows all recently-updated contents (be it news, messages, etc). Can the Content panel be edited? I have a Confluenece Administrator access.

2. In the Content panel, the system displays the recently-updated contents, favourite pages , quick links etc.
Can I change the Recently Updated contents to be displayed without the profile picture of the user who made the change ir where ShowProfilePic=false rather than true.

Thanking in advance and in anticipation of a response


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  1. You edit the content area by creating pages or blogposts (wink)

    Depending on your builder version you edit the contents of the dashboard through the resource in the resources tab of your layout ... if you are using an old version of builder which does not have a resources tab, then you edit the content of the dashboard using the dashboard tab in builder admin.

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      Thank you for the hint.  In fact, I am using an older version of the Builder and has such "struggled" to find the tab.  Took me a while but I got it in the end.