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I'm sure the information is somewhere on the site, but I haven't been able to find it. I want to change the order or layout for all pages in a space, so that the title panel is located above the menu and navigation, rather than below those panels.


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  1. The panels are just boxes to contain your content in ... so if you want the content of the title panel to appear where the header panel is, then copy & paste is your friend (wink)

    1. Unknown User (bdwestra)

      Thanks Alain, that helps. I'm stuck on one other thing: I want to align the page in the center and just below a background image. While I can get the document/background to align in the center, no matter what I do, the page content is aligned to the left. A margin or padding will move it over, but not to the center. I've tried changing the page horizontal alignment properties, and that doesn't change things. I'm using Confluence 3.1 and Adaptavist 4.0.0. Is this something I need to change via CSS?

      1. Once more a quick read of the layout manager documentation would have alerted you to the fact that the options tab is your friend (wink)

        1. Unknown User (bdwestra)

          Took a different approach which seems to be working.