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Hi guys,

I'm trying to hide page contents from anonymous users when viewing the page and when searching for it. I used the {builder-hide} macro but it seems that the "context", "decorator", "action", and "mode" parameters does not work. I tried with:

variant 1
stuff to hide

variant 2
stuff to hide

variant 3
stuff to hide

variant 4
stuff to hide

I also tried to hide the contents using the {builder-show} macro:

{builder-show:user=<at:var at:name="author," />creator|mode:edit}
stuff to show

...but it seems the site search shows the contents by default.

We use Theme Builder plugin version is 4.1.2 and Confluence v.3.2.

Please advise!

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  1. context, mode & decorator are only available for use within a builder panel.

    FYI: all of the {builder-*} macros are named this way to denote the fact that they are only fully functional within a builder panel, some will fail completely, others will try to work as best they can when you use them within a page.

    You cannot hide content from the search using the show/hide macros, to do this you will need to house the content on a separate page & use confluence permissions to hide it from the user.

    1. Unknown User (didi_edits)

      OK, thanks for the information!