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I'm preparing for an upgrade to Confluence 3.5.x with the latest Bulider. I downloaded the most recent build of Builder. It seems to work fine, but the only styles i can set for the menus are none and Longhorn. Any other choice still displays the Longhorn-look.

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  1. Unknown User (abarnes)

    The issue is with Builder 4.2.1 - I'm seeing the same issue in our Production Confluence 3.4.9. I was alerted this morning that the menus are visible, but display white text on light grey backgrounds – they're barely readable.

    I'm unable to use the Longhorn menu theme - it's either "none", or aqua/dark/longhorn/etc which all provide the same grey background.

  2. Unknown User (ian)

    Please help with this bug, our menu is now no longer styled properly. Upgraded from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1 using the Plugin Manager. Using Confluence 3.4.6.

    As the posters above have reported, looks like the longhorn css is loaded no matter what option is selected in the backend. I use the 'custom' option and style using CSS, this doesn't work now.

    Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

  3. Unknown User (gwilson)

    Thanks for reporting this issue - I have passed it on to our developers and we will try and resolve it as soon as we can.

    1. Unknown User (abarnes)

      v4.2.2 sadly does not fix the issue, testing with Confluence 3.5.4.

      The release notes are not posted, but this looks like the v4.2.1 was just patched to add the plm-plugin support :/

  4. Unknown User (

    Anything new on this?

    This is still a problem for us with Confluence 3.5.6 and Builder 4.2.2.