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We're running confluence 3.4.1. I downloaded builder 4.2.0 to my desktop, then tried uploading it to the confluence via the plugin page. A box pops up saying "uploading" and then stays there for over 20 minutes. I have tried uploading the same plug in multiple times with the same outcome. I tried uploading the RC3, the newest version of builder multiple times with the same effect.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

    Hi Kate,

    Can you confirm from where you have downloaded the plugin?

    Also, can you confirm if you are using Windows? If so, please verify that the downloaded file is a .JAR file. Windows will sometimes rename the downloaded file to be a .ZIP file.


    1. Unknown User (gpnkate)

      Hi Keith, One time I downloaded the plug in from adaptavist's site (the RC3). It was off of a page that said that the plugins here were not ready for production use. EAM??? or something like that. The other version was downloaded from what appeared to be atlassian's plugin finder.

      I am not running Windows but Linux, and the files I uploaded were .jar files.

      1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

        Hi Kate,

        • Do the Confluence log files contain any indication or an error occurring during the upload process?
        • Are you able to upload other plugins in a similar manner successfully?
        • Can you determine if the plugin has made it to the database and/or file system?

        I believe the plugin should be stored within the plugin-cache directory within the Confluence home directory. The title of the plugin file should include adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.2.0.

        The following document details how to remove the plugin if it has made it to either of these locations:

        If the plugin has loaded in the database or file system, I would suggest:

        • Stopping Confluence
        • Removing the plugin (as noted in the linked document)
        • Downloading the 4.2.0 version plugin from here
        • Restarting Confluence
        • Attempt to reload the plugin

        You should always ensure you have an appropriate data backup before installing plugins and ideally, all new plugins should be tested on a staging system prior to deployment on the production system.

        Should the problem persist, we may need to consider a suitable support contract in order to have one of our engineers further investigate the problem.