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When i use a custom stylesheet, i can change the background but i can't change the font-weight and the color.
Here is my code:

font-weight: bold;
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  1. Use the GUI, it's not just there for non-technical users (wink)

    The main point about using the GUI is it allows stylings to be cascaded between parent-child layouts. Yes you can create this kind of cascading without the GUI, but if you ever need to reparent a layout you will loose all the clever stuff that the GUI can do for you.

    In adittion the GUI is very specific in the way that it applies text colour/font information so that it is able to override the output of most macros.

    The 'problem' that you are seeing is that the GUI is being more specific than you are (wink)

    PS: try to avoid using HTML id's when styling, it works out better to use the classnames in the long term.

    1. Unknown User (bonder)

      Ok, Thanks!
      Other thing, is possible to change the font size used in GUI?