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i'm working with Confluence 3.2.1_01 and TB 4.0.4 and it seems that I have a problem with the builder-show macro.

Here is my page hierarchy:

* home
** article 1
** article 2
** article 3
* forum
** topic 1
** topic 2
** topic 3

I want to use the navigation plugin on the top of each children page in order to display links to the next page and the previous page. I surrounded the navigation-macro with {builder-show:page=@parent} {builder-show} to hide the plugin when I'm on a page wich is at the top level of hierarchy (like the space homepage or the forum homepage). It works fine until I create a page with special characters in the title (like 'é').

I would like to point that everything seems to work fine until the cache statistics is getting flushed.

In that case, the navigation plugin is not visible wich means that the builder-show code worked as if it was an orphaned page. I checked with the reporting plugin if "Home" was always detected as a parent of my page and of course it was. That's why I think the  problem is coming from the macro and not from confluence.

Has anyone noticed that problem before?

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    Is this related to this?