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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to hide the (pagefamily-tagcloud) macro in certain screens using the following:

(builder-hide:title=Manage Layouts, People Directory, Dashboard|action=createpage)

However, it does not hide the tagcloud macro in the createpage.action part.

However, if I seperate out action part from the above and remove the title part as follows:


It will hide the tagcloud in the create page section.

However, I want to be able to hide the tagcloud on both Page Titles and Action Pages.

Can you check to see if this works as I can't get those two types to work together.



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  1. Unknown User (mo)

    Forgotten to add that I'm running Confluence 3.0 with Theme Builder 3.3.6-conf210

    1. You would be better off using 'action' rather than title, since if I create a page with the name 'Manage Layouts' then the tagcloud would be hidden, which probably isn't the desired result.

      However as a generic answer for this kind of situation might be to use flag logic:

      {builder-show:action=dashboard, manage-layouts, browsepeople}{set-flag:show-tagcloud|state=false}{builder-show}