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All builder admin screens wont load! Confluence admin -> Theme Builder -> Choose global layout (wont load), Manage builder Layouts (wont load), Builder Administration (wont load).

Makes the whole thing unusable (cant even build layouts). Is this a known issue?

Using builder 3.3.5 on Confluence 3.0.0_01.


  1. Unknown User (

    Uninstalled 3.3.5 and installed 3.3.5 conf210. Now it seems to work.

    Am I supposed to download 3.3.5 conf210 for use with confluence 3.0? Thats confusing! What is 3.3.5 for then? Previous versions of Confluence, except 2.10? I just dont get the logic behind this...

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      If you are using the plugin repository, it should only show you the correct version to download, if not something is wrong with the config. On the Downloads page there is a about which version to download, but I agree the naming could be a little confusing.

    2. The logic is that in confluence 2.1.0 Atlassian started including the DWR2 code, which we have been using for years, into the main confluence distribution. As such it breaks DWR due to class-cast exceptions (the classloader gets confused when it has two copies of the same code)

      The -conf210 variants remove this code from the jar, thus avoiding the problem.

      There are a couple of notes on the download screen which point out this fact, also as Shannon says, if you use the repository then it should deal with this point for you.

      From builder 3.4.0 onwards we will only be supporting the most recent major release of confluence, as such we should avoid this kind of confusion happening in the future.

  2. Unknown User (

    Hi guys,

    I have the same problem, but with a twist.

    I was using confluence 2.10.3 / builder 3.3.5-conf210.

    I upgraded to confluence 3.0.1. Builder remained at 3.3.5-conf210.

    I manually download/upgraded the plugin to 3.3.5.

    Now I have hung builder screens. Any suggestions?