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Builder 3.3.5 offers improved compatibility with confluence 3.0


  • Fix PDF icon
  • Fix DWR warnings for setChild in layout manager
  • Fix positioning of macro browser in confluence 3.0
  • Fix follow user in hover profiles
  • Fix SPACEKEY:pagename menulink aliases
  • Fix comments in confluence 3.0
  • Fix scrolling in IE
  • Fix people directory display
  • Fix html id's for webui-menulink's in 3.0
  • Fix profile decorator for 3.0
  • Allow html id to be set on anchors generated by menulink
  • Allow date/time replacements in menulink
  • Allow builder-show/hide to match on title=@home
  • Allow blog macros to filter posts by label
  • Allow blog-list to display a single hardcoded post
  • create add-page-restriction macro
  • create include-blog macro
  • Update tab css
  • Use requireResourceForContext
  • Add first-child macro
  • use parentPageString when creating templated pages
  • prevent labels macro from displaying anything when editing a page
  • Ensure that licensing screen shows FREE for all users
  • Strip tags from page title
  • Allow newpage menulink to use a template


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