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Hi, I'm hoping I can get help with this...

I installed Builder 3.3.5 along with the dependent plugins and disabled the compatibility plugin.

When I enable the Builder Theme on a space, I get what appears to be a broken layout.  All the space options are in a huge gray box on top.  On the bottom I can see the content of the space.

The Manage Layouts and Choose Layouts screens don't have any layouts available to select.  Under Manager Layouts, all tabs don't have any content.

Am I missing something?


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  1. It sounds like you are using a release that is not compatible with confluence 2.7, you can use the following matrix to determine the most recent release that is compatible with your installation: (NB: the drop-downs have a few bugs in them, so you may need to mess about somewhat to get them to work, please vote here to get them fixed:

    In your case you need to be sure that you are installing the 3.3.5 version not the 3.3.5-conf210 variant.

    Either that or you have javascript turned off in your browser settings.

    1. Unknown User (uberjer)

      I installed via the plugin repository.  It says the following...

      Latest Version: 3.3.5 - Stable
      License: Commercial - no charge

      I did go into Configure and accept the license agreement.  Do I also need to add a license key?  The license box is green and says:

      There is currently no license installed.

      Status: Free

      1. Can you try uninstalling the plugin using the older (more reliable) manual route, then restart confluence and install builder 3.3.5 by downloading the file from here (rename back to .jar if using IE which occasionally renames the file to .zip) and then upload by the manual route.

        The documentation for this proocess used to live here: However atlassian seem to have removed it ... they may have a copy in their documentation for older versions of confluence such as the one you are using.