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As of builder 3.3.4 the licensing code has been disabled, as such it will run for free on any confluence install from 2.7 onwards.


  • Disable licensing check
  • Ensure page height gets set correctly
  • Avoid chimping on null user agents
  • Avoid NPE's when generating logout url
  • Allow builder-show/hide to pickup the owner of the profile page
  • Ensure dashboard gets reset correctly
  • Ensure labels are only checked when viewing a page/blogpost
  • Allow parent-space code to recover gracefully from the use of String properties
  • Fix BuilderSpaceCondition for 2.10.2
  • Avoid including main-action.css for 2.10.x
  • Place background images onto panel-display not panel-content in manage-layouts
  • Improve horizontal positioning of quick-search
  • Prevent filters being set on menu icons in IE6.
  • Use Text properties rather than String for parent spaces
  • Ensure builder-show space checks do not bork on global pages.
  • Allow layouts to be re-created immediatley after deletion.
  • Allow atlassian starter licenses to run for FREE
  • Ensure default 'replacements' dont override user/macro defined values
  • Ensure that watchmenu macro performs %page% replacements
  • Prevent blog-archive from creating empty ordered lists when posts are switched off
  • Add 'flags' to builder-show/hide
  • Add 'flag-XXX' classes to body tag
  • Add space admin action to set metadata2 parent space in a more sensible way
  • Allow builder-show/hide to check parent spaces with the space= parameter
  • Allow builder-show/hide to check action titles as well as page names with the title= parameter
  • Display the currently latched layout in the debug comment
  • Add classes to css menu in layout editor
  • Allow builder-show/hide to check the layout being used
  • Avoid using mock request objects
  • Remove usage of atlassian.js as it is no-longer needed and is causing issues with 2.10
  • Add random-excerpt macro
  • Allow layouts to be deleted and immediately re-created in layout-manager
  • Fix cluster syncing issues
  • Fix search term entry & filtering in 2.10
  • Fix issues with 'pages' macros and labels
  • Fix permission checking when setting global layout and not member of confluence-administrators
  • Add builder-search macro
  • Add comments display fixes to builder.css
  • Avoid including yui in 2.10
  • Allow webui-list to filter out bundled & system plugin links


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