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  • Ensure comment forcing is respected
  • Avoid redirecting login to logout
  • Add confluence 2.10, 2.7, clickr & left-nav sample layouts
  • Use StringBuilder in permission checking
  • Refactor permission checking
  • Restore breadcrumbs content items for admin actions
  • Add 'user friendly' licensing warning
  • Allow menuitems to use replacements
  • work around jQuery issues with confluence 2.8.2 edit screens
  • fix webui icons
  • allow pagetree2 to deal with missing space home pages
  • fix 'online documentation' links
  • dont encode page titles for Office Connector
  • add Browse Space menulink
  • make url aliases work with page names
  • allow builder 3.x to behave similarly to 2.x with @SPACEKEY@ layout defaulting
  • Ensure clearing layout latch results in cleared layout not latched layout
  • Fix page=SPACEKEY:pagename context check
  • Generate 2.10 specific default dashboard code
  • Add layout manager menulink to default layout
  • Make manage-layouts only accessible to space-admin & site admin
  • Fix sidebar visibility & resultant layout issues on Opera
  • Move navigation panel to upper section
  • Allow builder-show/hide to switch based on space type (global/personal)
  • Add builder version action
  • Ensure internal css & js files are cached correctly by java
  • Make the doctype editable
  • Add icon=noicon to logo in default layout
  • Avoid retrieving parent space when no parent spacekey found
  • Ensure aliases backup can be downloaded on its own
  • Ensure body classes pull their data from builderData and do not rely on velocity
  • Add decorator body class
  • Disable builder-debug macro by default
  • Ensure correct path is used to opensearch metadata
  • Avoid case issues when checking webui links
  • Add sorting to pagetree2
  • Sort plugins by name in menulink aliases interface
  • Avoid NPE in breadcrumbs when viewing historical pages in confluence 2.7
  • Avoid IE comments corruption in confluence 2.10
  • Add 'globallabels' menulink
  • Store comments state in both the ActionContext as well ass HttpSession
  • Update icon and menulink html to improve compliance with w3c validator
  • Remove firebug lite
  • Ensure personal space logos can fall back to profile pic
  • Dont include labels-javascript for 2.10
  • Ignore invalid content properties when looking for metadata2 parent spaces


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