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  • Fixes to the labels and comments code to ensure they work correctly with confluence 2.7 & 2.8
  • Ensure that all atlassian resources are included in confluence 2.8 & 2.9
  • Allow users to define their own menulink replacements
  • Allow builder-show/hide by IP address
  • Allow rss feeds to be included in the HTML header section through use of the {blog-rss-feed} macro
  • Avoid linking breadcrumbs that do not have a target (eg blog year)
  • Update {list-spaces} to be more efficient
  • Fix notation guide for blog macros
  • Allow alias data to be exported and imported with settings backups
  • Upgrade to firebug lite 1.2.1
  • Fixes for {webui-list} macro
  • Ensure default layouts are used when DEFAULT layout selected.
  • Workaround spacekeys not being set on historical content
  • Ensure wikimenu strips syle tags
  • Consolidate noicon functionality
  • Fix toggleVisibility/toggleSidebar menulinks
  • Update menuitem notataion guide
  • Ensure DWR is included for pagetree2 in 2.7
  • Ensure use-layout clears cached data
  • Ensure search results pages in confluence 2.9 are correctly themed
  • Fix loopback url for watching spaces
  • Ensure default layout returned when no layout specified
  • Avoid JS & CSS tab popups overwriting each other


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