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  • The DEFAULT theme now has 100% width.
  • All .gif icons have been replaced with IE compatible PNGs.
  • User defined alias are now supported.
  • Context checks are now performed using the 'withuser' parameter. 'auser' is still available though.
  • next/prev & parent menulinks now work with blogposts.
  • Content can be be shown/hidden dependant on whether an attachment exists or not.
  • Added support for office connector.
  • The blog calendar and info panel are now macros.
  • contextcheck macros now use both teams & teamlabels.
  • New default replacements to menulink.
  • Space admins for a particular space can be given builder permissions by using the meta group @spaceadmin-SPACEKEY. when the permission is checked, the spacekey is split off and the user checked to see if they have permission to admin that space.
  • It is now possible to define the breadcrumbs separator and add a prefix.
  • olderThan/newerThan params have been added to buidler-show/hide.
  • Added 'author' filtering to blog-list & blog-archive.
  • The sidebar collapse to should now work as expected.
  • The logo macro now works on confluence 2.9.
  • pagetree2 is usable within non-builder themed spaces.
  • 'browse news' pages are now themed correctly.
  • BuilderSpaceCondition is now compatible with confluence 2.9.
  • The title and description fields of layouts are now automatically generated when creating a new layout.
  • Allowdrag now working in pagetree2.
  • Permissions are now checked correctly when assigning default layouts.


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