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  • The menubar 'class' parameter to behaves as expected. The old class parameter has been renamed to classname and is still passed to the menu code, the new 'class' parameter is solely used for applying to the wrapper div giving the expected result.
  • Replaced 'originalurl' in logout links. For some external sso apps (eg shibolleth) the 'originalurl' string needs to be replaced in both the login and logout links. The logout link now replaces the originalurl with a link to the logout action (to complete the confluence-side processing of the logout).
  • Allow the use of 'empty' css values. There are times when a parent layout sets a css value, but the child layout wants that value to be 'empty' (ie not there) rather than having to overwrite the value with a new setting. New menu-options have been added that allow for setting the value to be 'empty' and thus ignored by the css output routines.
  • Use current page url rather than current url for show/hide comments. Using the current url for hiding comments while viewing a page which attempts to show the comments leads to unexpected results, by using the current page url this problem is avoided.
  • Ensure logo is not displayed when disabled in a space. The logic of the builder-logo macro was incorrect and when the space logo was disabled it was showing the site logo instead. This has been updated such that when the space logo is disabled, no logo will be shown.
  • Update the opensearch code so that it uses the base url to generate a fully qualified URL for better IE support.
  • Builder show/hide may now check the user-agent of the client computer and show/hide content based on the existance of the passed string within it.
  • Rather than listing all blogs from all spaces a user may now list the blogs from their favourite spaces, all global spaces, or all personal spaces as well.
  • Only one copy of DWR is sent to the user. This avoids problems with DWR overwriting itself the code to trigger the download is dealt with in a similar way to requireResource (albeit entirely internal to builder since requireResource will not yet work with servlets).
  • The eekboom ASCII natural sort instead of the standard one for pagetree etc. Giving marginally better results for unicode characters.
  • Avoid data crossing over between layouts. The layout editing code was attempting to be too clever and avoid updating the screen when the tab was not visible ... this has led to some data being crossed over when switching between layouts and not re-enabling the tab inbetween. To avoid this, all loaded tabs will be updated each time a new layout is selected - not efficient, but stable.
  • The logic behind defaulting layout id's and setting them through the URL was not quite right, things have been reorganised to the following (most important first) URL layout ID, use-layout layout id, latched layout id, space layout id, site layout id, default layout.
  • Several issues with the way that sliders in IE are displayed and sidebars hidden/revealed were found and resolved.
  • The filename generated by the all-layouts no-longer has layout id's listed in the filename. The prevents excesive backup names that are too long for OS-X to handle.
  • Layout Manager throws NPE's when called from a non http request perspective. The layout ID default code failed when called from a non http-request perspective (eg generating pdf's) which in turn causes unexpected output in the generated files. For non http requests the layout id will not be cached and checked for each time it is requested.
  • When checking group names, the case of the group name entered was causing problems. Permission checks should now ignore the case of the entered group name.
  • Watch icons now displayed. The force parameter was not always respected so when attempting to display the watch icon with menu icons switched off the icon would not display.


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