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  • builder-show/hide by page restriction.
  • Allow users to decide whether to render line feeds in panels or not. You may now select the render mode used by each panel.
  • Added support for the codegeist winning page state plugin.
  • Allow users to specify the electric value. The value for electric may now be specified as a number of milliseconds rather than just true/false - true still gives the default 300ms.
  • Allow builder-show/hide to switch based on children. Builder show/hide may now switch content based on whether the current page has any children or not.
  • OpenSearch now supported. Layouts can now automatically generate OpenSearch metadata and xml.
  • It is now possible to link directly to the view source action.
  • Blogging macros. create blog-list and blog-archive macros to better support users wishing to create blog type layouts in confluence.
  • The sidebar control code has been overhauled. This should avoid any jitter when restoring the state of the sidebar.
  • Background image urls are now rendered on the server and applied to the panel preview area (as well as the layout preview).
  • webui links not being retrieved correctly in 2.8 Update all calls to the web content manager so that they pass in both the 2.7 style context and the 2.8 one.
  • Fixed usage of jQuery in confluence 2.8 and upgraded to jQuery 1.2.3. Builder now respects the web content manager as used by 2.8.


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