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Hi Guys

A good idea having a forum, hopefully take some load off your support dept.

Has anyone encountered the issue of Blog-Posts not updating at all when running Builder 3? I am aware of the exsisting Blog-Post issue of it being slow to update from the cache but i am no longer even get updates after waiting weeks?

I dont know if this is a Builder 3 issue but when i was running Builder 2 it was ok.


Steve Picton

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Builder 3 uses more RAM than previous versions so it's possible the indexing process on your wiki is running out of RAM. Are there any errors in the logs?

    Also, Builder 3 allows HTML-level caching of pages (on the options tab in layout manager) which could make it appear that the blog posts macro isn't updating - to check for this scenario, add a "?" (question mark) to the end of the URL when viewing the page to force the page to be reloaded from the server.

    1. I'm suprised at that, in theory builder 3.0 should actually use less RAM since it is more efficient in the way that it caches data.

      I remember a recent bug report where the user had expeienced exactly this problem however i have had no response from that user since i suggested that they used the confluence reindex feature.

      1. Unknown User (redwahoo)

        Thanks Alain

        You are spot on, it was the re-index process i needed to run.
        That has solved my issue. (smile)

        Thanks again

        Steve Picton

        1. sweet ... glad to hear it (big grin)

          I did wonder how a theme could affect the indexing :o