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Builder 1.6.0 Release Notes

This was a major upgrade in functionality and browser compatibility (particularly for Safari browser).

This version is also the last version of Builder without a visual layout editor (which was introduced in Builder 2.0.0).


  • Enhanced support for Confluence 2.1.5a (new blogpost features)
  • Full support for Safari web browser
  • Scrollable menus (ideal for big menus)
  • Support for anonymous users with content creation privileges
  • Advanced menu customisation settings
  • Vastly improved Performance Tuning
  • Improved for Search Engine (eg. google) optimisation (SEO)


Requires Confluence 2.1.5a-2.2.x

If using Confluence 2.1.5a-2.2.x we strongly recommend using Builder 2.0.3-conf22.

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