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Background Colours

This tutorial explains how to change background colours in Theme Builder 1.6...

Note: If the page background appears light grey after installing Theme Builder, restart Confluence to ensure the plugin is properly initialised.

Page Background

By default Theme Builder sets the page background to white (#ffffff in hexadecimal). Should you wish to change the colour, search for the following in the CSS Custom Styles box:

/* white page background - Confluence 2.1.2 bug */

td.pagecontent, td.pagebody,, div.content {
background-color: #FFFFFF;
border-style: none;

Change the #FFFFFF to whichever colour you require (see this colour chart for a list of colours).

Document Background

The document background is the area surrounding the white part of the page.

To change the document background, add a style similar to the following to the CSS Custom Styles box:

body {
background-color: #f00;

In the example above, the panels either side of the page would be set to a red background colour.