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Is there a way to perform automatic backups of Theme Builder themes and layouts? I know there is a layout backup utility on the builder administration page, but this would require us to do the backups manually. We have daily automated backups of Confluence, but restoring from those would overwrite anything else that we might have done. The solution we would like would either involve an automated backup of themes + layouts, or guidance about how we could access the data so we could configure backups outside of Confluence. We do not have access to Confluence databases, so a solution that involved programmatic access would be preferable.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. wget

    Will result in an date/time stamped xml file containing a backup of all layouts being deposited in the same folder as the wget command was run.

    1. Unknown User (satej_sirur)

      Thanks for the quick response. I tried this command for our site and it returns an empty map. We have several layouts in our system, so it should have returned something. Should I have configured something for this to work?

      Unrelated, is there a way for me to discover all the available actions (such as the dodownloadbackup action) in our system?

      1. Ah you wont be logged in ... try appending os_username & os_password, eg:


        There isnt any simple way that I know of for determining the list of available actions ... there may be an xwork utility for this somewhere though .. coding a plugin to do this may also be possible.

        If you want to look at all the actions that an individual plugin defines, then rename the .jar file to .zip, uncompress it and open the atlassian-plugin.xml using a text editor.

        1. Unknown User (satej_sirur)

          I had that problem the first time around, but I got "<map />" as the response after I appended the user name and password.

          1. try:

            wget<at:var at:name="all" />
            1. Unknown User (satej_sirur)

              Perfect! That worked very well. Thanks, Alain.

              1. PS: from builder 3.4.0, although the dodownloadbackup should still work, you will be better off moving to dodownloadzippedbackup (wink)

                1. Unknown User (satej_sirur)

                  Nice! This will be very useful.

                  1. Even more useful than you can imagine ... it's not just the layout data that's included in backups anymore ... you can now associate image, css & JS data with a layout & reference it using relative paths.

                    Not only does it make installing a layout MUCH simpler, but actually developing it too (big grin)

                    1. Unknown User (satej_sirur)

                      That was the next problem that I was going to tackle. Cannot wait for the new version! (smile)

                      1. It's been released here however I wouldnt recommend it for production usage as we have changed quite a bit and it's still very raw.