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we've just started playing with the Theme Builder (very cool!) and have noticed that the attachments views are not displaying the checkout link provided by the Checkout plugin. Is this a known issue, or is there some tweak that will enable this functionality?

many thanks


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  1. Looking into the attachment checkout plugin, it appears to add three webui links two to space admin and one to the advanced screen, you should be able to replicate these links using the following code:

    {menulink:webui|}Undo Checkout{menulink}

    PS: Builder itself does not process the output of the attachements screen in any way, it is a simple passthru from whatever confluence spits out.

    1. Unknown User (swanjere)

      Where should those links be added? To the Attachments macro itself or in a themebuilder menu?

      Thanks! This issue has been driving me crazy, because we use the attachments macro extensively.

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        The links could either be added to a menu (usually in the menu panel), eg:

        {menuitem}{menulink:webui|}Undo Checkout{menulink}{menuitem}

        Of you can add the flat=true parameter to display them as text on screen, eg:


        You can use the builder-show macro and builder-hide macro to get more control over where the links appear:


        We'll see if we can get aliases for these links supported as standard in the final release of Theme Builder 3.0 (makes the macro notation a lot cleaner).