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In the attachment page is there a way to have alternating colors for each row of attachment like the default confluence attachment page.

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  1. the attachments page is generated by confluence itself (builder does not generate this content) ... it's likely to be a missing css style ... take a look at the confluence css and copy it over to your custom css.

    1. Unknown User (aydavidc)

      I noticed that when I initially add attachments the colors are alternating, however when I leave and then return to the attachment page all the rows are white.

      In the normal confluence,the row with color will have something like this

        <tr style="background:#ddffdd" id="attachment_622596">

      For some reason after the initial add, Theme builder no longer has the style attribute in the row.

      1. Builder does NOT generate the attachments screen ... it is generated by the attachments action.

        To put that another way ... builder cannot influence the code that is generated by the attachments screen.