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We're in the process of developing a few custom plugins for use in our Confluence installation, which uses ThemeBuilder v3.

One plugin is a custom XWork module that implements a user contact information form (more or less following the tutorial found in the Atlassian Developer Hub). The results for the XWork actions are Velocity templates which provide the form markup.

My question is this - how do I apply the ThemeBuilder theme and select a layout for templates that fall outside of a Space? I assume there is a way to do this with some combination of the applyDecorator / decoratorParam Velocity tags?

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry, been hectic and only just got round to answering (FYI: we have a dedicated Theme Builder forum)...

    Theme Builder currently only allows setting of a global theme (for all global pages, eg. dashboard, search results, etc) and space level themes (eg. for any of the normal or personal spaces you can select a specific layout).

    However, we've got some code lurking in there that's used with page-level layouts (see use-layout macro) - if you call the use-layout macro whilst rendering your action, you can use it to choose any Theme Builder layout (smile)

    If you need code examples, create a ticket over on or post in our Theme Builder forum and Alain should be able to help.

    1. Unknown User (

      My apologies Guy... Amidst my confusion last evening I simply clicked the "forum" tab without paying attention to where I was...

      In any event, thank you for the tips... I think the use-layout macro is what I'm looking for.