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I am using Confluence/Builder in a corporate environment where we disable public anonymous access. But, we have significantly customized our Builder theme including the global layout. The problem I am running into is some files are needed to properly display the login/logout screen (the global theme). But, since the user has not logged in yet, he is not authenticated yet. So, he cannot access those files.

Does anyone know if I can place a few files somewhere in the Confluence directory structure where an anonymous user (e.g. the login/logout screens) could see them? If so, could you please advise?

The other two strategies we came up with are:

  1. Enabling public anonymous access and locking down all spaces but the one containing this file. We would really prefer not to do that.
  2. Firing up a second website on the confluence server that does not require authentication. Then we store those few files there. While better than enabling public anonymous access, I would still prefer to just place the files somewhere in the Confluence directory structure if possible.

Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to provide me.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Place the images, etc., in to the /images folder on disk (where other Confluence graphic assets, emoticons, etc., are stored) - anon access is allowed to that folder.

  2. Unknown User (robert.cottingham)


    That works out great for me. Thanks so much for the help!


  3. Builder 3.4.0 is implementing a concept we have been wanting to create for a long time ... we call them 'builder resources'.

    These will be resource files such as images or css which are associated with the layout itself, the main purpose behind this is to allow layouts to be delivered as zip files that contain both the layout data and all of the assets needed to dress the theme.

    As a side-effect of this we have made the resource manager ignore the fact that the user is not logged in, allowing resources to be served to anonymous users in non-anonymous environments.

    At the moment the code is in its infancy, but you can have a play with it using 3.4.0-M1 by navigating manually to urls of the format (I would be most interested in hearing reports from real cluster users on how well behaved this code is - we have tested it locally with a simulated cluster, but we dont yet have a true cluster to play with it on)

    3.4.0-M2 (should get released next week) contains code that will allow you to define images using the LAYOUTID::resourcefile.ext syntax in both GUI defined background images, and custom css.

    3.4.0-M3 will be adding a user-freindly interface for browsing & uploading layout resources, viewing and editing the metadata associated with them, and a picker for selecting the images when styling your layout through the GUI

    I should probably warn you that the layout backup download code in 3.4.0-M1 & M2 is utterly broken - this will be address before final release (obviously)

    1. Unknown User (robert.cottingham)

      I am eagerly awaiting 3.4! That sounds wonderful. -RRC