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If you use the Administration page to add custom HTML to the bottom of every page it will break in Internet Explorer 6. Only the Menu and Title panels will renders; the rest of the page will build, flash quickly and then disappear. The custom HTML itself will appear in the right gutter.

We saw this bug in 2.10 with the Themebuilder plugin.


  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    The most common cause of this is malformed HTML - are you able to post your Custom HTML here? We use the feature ourselves to inject Google Analytics code in to the public parts of our site so we're not aware of any specific problems with it. Being able to see your Custom HTML will help identify if that's the cause of the problem - in particular, look for any missing or malformed closing tags (eg. missed "/" or ">" etc.).

  2. Yes, that sounds very much like malformed custom html.

  3. Unknown User (

    It breaks even if we use plain text with zero formatting. We "resolved" the problem by not using the Custom HTML tool in Space Admin.

    1. it's likely that you have misunderstood the meaning of each custom html block ... a quick stab in the dark is that you have added plain text to 'before head end' which would mean that confluence is generating invalid HTML, and thus causing most browsers to bork!

      I'm not sure if you are aware of this but 3.4.0 allows you to define 'custom HTML' on a layout-by-layout basis.

      1. Unknown User (

        Thanks for the explanation, no we did not know that.