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Hey all
I have created a glossary for definitions with 26 cards. So, when someone adds a new definition (ie peanuts), after they save it, they have to select a label (ie processp), it will automatically be categorized under P.
I have now created a template so the user can select a hyperlink and be taken to the table for the defintions. What I want to be able is to have the label be added automatically for them.

I tried to add it into the template (using the add label macro), but the problem is that when the user selects the template (I have it in edit mode), they can see the scripting {add-label:processp} which is confusing for a user to see this scripting.

So, can I so this in the glossary scripting (below) or in the template?

Glossary scripting (example)
{cache:refresh=2h|showRefresh=true|title=Refresh data from database|showDate=true}

Unknown macro: {card}
{create-page:template=Add a Glossay term|target=edit}Click here to add a new glossary term

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