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My wiki footer currently reads:

Adaptavist Theme Builder (3.2.1) Powered by Atlassian Confluence 2.8.2, the Enterprise Wiki.

I would like to add "- Contact Administrators" to the end of that footer linking to the administrators.action page.

I would appreciate some assistance on where I find the footer layout function to make this change.


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  1. Unknown User (erush)

    Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately you can't edit that area (the one that contains the links to "Adaptavist Theme Builder (3.2.1) Powered by Atlassian Confluence 2.8.2, the Enterprise Wiki.") via Theme Builder.

    It is possible to add content via the footer panel however.

    Info here will help:

    1. Unknown User (tewolff)

      Thanks Emma. I am surprised by your answer because I got the idea from which has this footer: Powered by Atlassian Confluence, the Enterprise Wiki. (Version: 2.2.1a Build:#515 May 19, 2006) - Bug/feature request - Contact Administrators .

      Is there something in our Adaptavist version that is preventing me from doing the same thing?

      Otherwise, I'll have to figure out the footer panel.


      1. Unknown User (erush)

        The Rifers people haven't used Theme Builder. They have added that link by other means.

        1. Unknown User (tewolff)

          Yes, I figured that out and apologize for questioning your response. I forgot that your Theme Builder is unique. I'm sure the footer panel gives me other good options as well. Perhaps I can link to space admins rather than to the site admin. That would make my site admin job easier. Thanks as always.