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Here is the Content in my Navigation menu:

{compound-menuitem:newpage|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=document_add|tooltip=Add new %page%}
{compound-menuitem:edit|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=pencil|tooltip=Edit this %page%}
{compound-menuitem:newcomment|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=message_add|tooltip=Add Comment}
{compound-menuitem:addgliffydiagram|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=chart_organisation|tooltip=Add Diagram}
{compound-menuitem:printableView|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=printer|tooltip=Print this %page%}
{compound-menuitem:copy|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=documents_new|tooltip=Copy this %page%}
{compound-menuitem:exportPDF|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=pdfdoc|tooltip=Export to pdf}
{compound-menuitem:pageattachments|flat=true|imginside=true|icon=paperclip|tooltip=View %page% attachments}

I see icons for Add page, Edit page, Add comment, Print page, Copy page, Export to pdf, and View attachments but there is no icon for Add diagram. Why not?
Confluence 3.2, Theme Builder 4.0.2

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  1. The gliffy webui item has probably moved since the inbuilt alias was last updated ... you should go into the menulink aliases tab and edit the addgliffydiagram alias to point at the gliffy plugin's add link.

    1. Unknown User (


      That worked perfect. I am new to Confluence and Theme Builder and was unaware of this setting.

      When I first made this post the wiki markup that I copied and pasted into the post did not display. You fixed this for me, thanks. In the future if I want to put wiki markup into a post, how do I do it correctly?

      1. Wrap it in a {code} or {noformat} macro.