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Since upgrading to confluence 3.1 (and using adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M10.jar), whenever I try to add a page to favourites I get a 'page not found' message.

Clicking 'Add to favourites' on the dashboard works fine, it's just when in an actual space that the problem occurs.

The part of code in the layouts is as follows:

Unknown macro: {compound-menuitem}
Unknown macro: {compound-menuitem}

Any idea why I am receiving an error?


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  1. Unknown User (joeayre)

    Apologies, the code is this (with curly brackets around each line):

    compound-menuitem:favourite|caption=Add to Favourites

  2. Unknown User (joeayre)

    Just another note to say that in test the favourites are working fine but in a live version they don't.
    It seems to be an issue with the compound menu items - some work as they used to, and some don't.
    Another example is the notationguide menuitem - this now doesn't work.
    It isn't all the compound menu items though because the watch menuitem works fine.

    Could someone let me know if this is just a case of adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.0.0-M10.jar being incompatible with confluence 3.1 or is there something else wrong?

  3. Unknown User (joeayre)

    Any idea on how long it will take to get a response to this?

    1. Unknown User (joeayre2)

      I've read that thread and can't work out what I am supposed to do with the .xml file.
      Is there any chance the process (where to add it, etc) could be explained in more depth?
      I really need to get our favourites working but as of yet am having no success.

      1. Go to the Backup Tab and in the upper right of that tab is a file upload input, click the browse button to locate the xml file, then click the upload button.

  4. Unknown User (joeayre2)

    Which file will uploading the backup file actually change? Is there any danger in uploading the file via the 'Restore Layouts' browse in the top right section (of the backup tab).

    1. In builder 4 those headings have been renamed to become more generic ... you may notice that it is possible to take backups of your alias data using the 'backup layouts' option to the left of the upload area (wink)