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We really like the new theme and we'd like to do something similar. Most of it is covered by the documents, but I'm lost on how the tabs are being done.

I assume it's to do with the Metadata plugin? Can someone share a how-to on how the Company/Products/Services over-tabs are done?

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Team labels on the spaces then the builder-show/hide macros.

    1. Unknown User (grobbendonk)

      Thank you, I think I get it, but I'm not too sure.

      Is it that each tab is a space, and then the menu bar below it contains all of the menu bar options, hidden by team-label?

  2. Unknown User (

    Can you please also advise how you are doing the right sidebar show/hide funtionality? Is this using wiki markup/macros?
    Thank you!

    1. Guy will be able to advise in more detail, however as a general rule what we do is setup a block of wiki markup which does various builder-show/hide checks which then use the {set-flag} macro to setup a bunch of flags, for example:

      {set-flag:user-unknown} user-unknown
          {set-flag:user-registered} user-registered
            {set-flag:user-adaptavist} user-adaptavist

      This content is added to (or more often imported into) the resource attached to the layout .. this resource gets rendered before any of the panels and it's output is only enabled when debug mode is enabled - the intended usage is to allow you to setup a bunch of flags which mean something in your context and the use the flag= parameter which has been added to a number of builder macros to allow you to display/hide content.

      As ever the confluence notation guide is your most accurate source of documentation for these macros.